Computer Forensics

What is computer forensics?

Computer Forensics is the scientific examination and analysis of data held on or retrieved from computer networks or storage media for the purposes of presentation in a Court of Law.

The subject matter includes:

When do I need a specialist?

When the examination of either computer storage or computer networks is to be performed as part of an internal investigation or a the result of an external attack.  If there is a reasonable expectation that examining a system or network may result in an actionable item such as: an employee being suspended or fired, an individual being charged with a crime based on computer evidence, or a technical investigation of an external incident.  Forensic analysis of computers is outside the body of knowledge of the average information security specialist.  If you have any doubt as to your need for a computer forensics specialist, contact IRG now for an initial consultation.

The forensic examination of the contents of a computer is a skilled job and special procedures, techniques and tools are required to ensure that any information that is retrieved can be presented as evidence in a court:

Why Info Risk Group?

IRG's methodologies and best practices lead the industry.  Court cases have been lost because a plaintiffs electronic discovery "expert" improperly handled evidence. Our methodologies have been designed as a result of years of hands on experience with cases requiring computer forensics specialist.  We follow strict guidance with respect to evidence handling as set out by the United States Federal Government's Department of Justice.  Once we have captured the evidence, IRG will work to establish the facts in dispute and answer your questions.  IRG uses the latest equipment and software to provide your company with fast, accurate, reliable results.

Please contact us with any questions you may have on this subject or any other services Info Risk Group offers.

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