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Is your information secure?

The Internet is the greatest communication enabler the world has ever known.  Its power has been harnessed for research, education, commerce and unfortunately illicit activities.  Hacktivist are seemingly infiltrating companies and governmental bodies at will.  Goverments appear to be sponsoring extraterritorial hacking to steal intellectual property in an effort to gain a competitive advantage.  With the rise of the sun a software security flaw discovered in Singapore may become proof of concept exploit code in Delhi.  Before the software vendor and its customers can react a “security group” in Berlin has published to the world, exploit code, which your average 11 year old can manipulate to gain full access to a system.

For all you CIO's out there, have you asked yourselves:

  • Is your company persuing an actively managed and monitored information security environment?
  • Does your staff have the knowledge to defend and secure it's environment?
  • Do you have an approved and tested response plan in the event of a hack or physical disaster?

If you have any doubt about your information security status you need to contact Info Risk Group now.

Info Risk Group approaches protecting systems and networks holistically.  Our enterprise-wide information security framework focuses on:  asset classification, asset protection, asset management, vulnerability assessment, security awareness, threat assessment, monitoring  and incident response.   Our consultants have the industry experience and knowledge to answer your questions.  Let the experts at IRG help you assess and mitigate your risk. 

Info Risk Group, offering information security and risk management services to companies throughout the Americas.

What customers think . . .

We needed a basic website that fully complied with the Florida Bar's recent regulations.   Now, we have a site that complies with Florida Bar Rule 4-7.2, and we are able to seemlessly provide our customers with testimonials and past results.  Info Risk Group was able to get us up in running in less then two days for a reasonable cost.  Thanks IRG.

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