Information Security Policy and Standard Reviews

Once a security assessment has been performed the next step is to evaluate your companies present Policies and Standards.  It is important
While Info Risk Group is willing to look only at the technical controls of a specific application or system;  we encourage our customers to always review the security of the entire system in conjunction with the application.  The application and system are bound together each directly affecting the security of the overall system.

Outlined below is a partial list of products Info Risk Group is prepared to assess:
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows NT 4, XP, 2000, Vista, 7
    • UNIX - Solaris, AIX, HPUX, Linux
    • Netware / Open Enterprise Server
    • i5/OS (OS/400)
  • Databases
    • Oracle
    • DB2
    • Sybase
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
  • Web Servers
    • IIS
    • Apache
  • Virtualization
    • VMWare
    • Zen
  • Networks
    • Cisco
    • Juniper
    • 3com
    • HP
    • General Design of DMZ, Extranet and Internet Connectivity
  • Firewalls
    • Cisco PIX
    • Raptor
    • Baracuda
    • Checkpoint
  • IDS
    • ISS
    • Snort
  • Directory Services
    • Microsoft ADS
    • Novell eDirectory
    • x509 - PKI

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